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The Resignation of Donald J. Trump: I. The Presidential Personality Disorder

“The essential is [of one with a Narcissistic] Personality Disorder in which there are grandiose sense of self-importance or uniqueness; preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success; exhibitionistic need for constant attention and admiration; characteristic responses to threats of self-esteem; and characteristic disturbances in interpersonal relationships, such as feelings of entitlement, interpersonal exploitativeness, relations that alternate between the extremes of over-idealization and devaluation, and lack of empathy. The exaggerated sense of self-importance may be manifested as extreme self-centeredness and self-absorption.” No one familiar to any American citizen could more completely fit that description than the President of the United States of America. Donald J. Trump has a serious personality disorder. He exhibits it on a daily, often on an hourly, basis. His actions are classic examples of narcissism.

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The Challenge of Social Media to a Safe World

Every day many billions of communications are hurled out into cyberspace on social media. That is billions with a “b.” There are seven-plus billion people in the world. Does that mean every single earthling is using social media to reach every other earthling? Obviously not, thankfully. Perhaps a mere two or three billion are hooked up to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and the like. But many millions of those billions are “booking” and “tweeting” and “gramming” and “snapping” many times each day to other millions. In a day it all adds up to billions.

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The Inherent Lunacy of American Health Care

That has always been the fatal flaw of American health care. Good health care for all citizens cannot be based on private health care or on private insurance to guarantee good health care. Since the end of World War II, every other advanced nation has clearly realized that the only way to provide universal health care to all citizens at a reasonable cost is to have a government-sponsored single-payer national health service of some kind.

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How Much Time Will It Take, and How Much Time Should He Be Given?

Countless Americans are gravely concerned about the behavior of our President. The longer they remain silent, the more likely it is that behavior shall continue unabated. Political caution may incur incalculable damage as long as caution is the national modus operandi. How long will it take, and how much time should he be given?

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Tax Reform As a Tax Dodge

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. was one of the most famous justices ever to serve on the United States Supreme Court. In 1927 he wrote a dissenting opinion in a case which came before the Court. In his dissent, he said, among other things, “Taxes are the price we pay for civilization. I like to pay taxes. They buy me democracy.” To reiterate his point, he said, “Taxes are the price we pay for civilized society.”

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