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How Much Time Will It Take, and How Much Time Should He Be Given?

Countless Americans are gravely concerned about the behavior of our President. The longer they remain silent, the more likely it is that behavior shall continue unabated. Political caution may incur incalculable damage as long as caution is the national modus operandi. How long will it take, and how much time should he be given?

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Tax Reform As a Tax Dodge

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. was one of the most famous justices ever to serve on the United States Supreme Court. In 1927 he wrote a dissenting opinion in a case which came before the Court. In his dissent, he said, among other things, “Taxes are the price we pay for civilization. I like to pay taxes. They buy me democracy.” To reiterate his point, he said, “Taxes are the price we pay for civilized society.”

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We Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

My purpose here is not to delve into who made us. The Psalm writer believed God created us. It is possible, however, as many have suggested, that we “just happened.” However we came into being, we are; we exist. And our existence as created and/or evolved beings is astonishingly complex. Human bodies and minds are exceedingly intricately put together. To deny that is to ignore biological and psychological reality. But it is solely on the mind that you are being asked to focus now.

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The Burden of Being Born American

There is an undeniable burden, as well as a blessing, in being born American. But to understand how and why that that burden exists, let us consider how, in prior times, it was a particular burden to be born a citizen of other nations. In so doing, we may better comprehend why it is a burden to be born American at the present time. Whoever has the misfortune to be born in any country that is a world power at any given period of history is going to pay personally for their accident of birth in one way or another. Let us examine how that came to pass in centuries gone by.

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LWE: Living Wage Employers

For decades Congress has periodically, but also rarely, discussed legislation to require employers to pay a particular minimum wage. The process by which this discussion comes up is determined by many factors: the economic climate at the time the discussion takes place; which political party is in power in both houses of Congress; who is the President at a given time; what is the mood of the electorate (are they feeling benevolent or are they tight-fisted?); is prosperity or is paucity more prevalent in the national psyche when the politicians summon up courage to debate a minimum wage, and so on.

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