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RESIGNATION: The Best and Only Solution to an Increasingly Dangerous American Dilemma

The slowly growing number of anti-Trump Americans are deluding themselves into thinking that the Mueller investigation or other factors may lead to a Congressional impeachment trial in the near future. I opined then, and I opine again, that is a very dangerous position to adopt. It probably is best for the nation that Donald Trump finishes out his four-year term as President, and that the American electorate chose someone else to lead the nation beginning in 2021. However, if the American people and their elected representatives in Congress believe it is imperative to remove the President prior to January of 2021, then so much pressure must be brought to bear on Donald Trump that he himself will come to see that he has no other choice than resignation. For the time being, it is more important for all other Americans to realize the extreme delicacy of our political impasse than for our President to realize it. For the time being, he is incapable of understanding how chaotic America has become. And he is the primary culprit of the chaos.

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IV. States’ Rights - The Electoral College

Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution stipulated how Presidents are to be elected. It never uses the term “Electoral College,” but in effect it establishes that peculiarly undemocratic American electoral entity. The founders wanted to avoid a popular election of the nation’s chief executive. They had an aristocratic innate aversion to “the people.” Therefore they created a system in which each state legislature would select electors who would represent that state’s presidential vote totals.

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III. The Election of 2016 - The Electoral College and States’ Rights

The election of 2016 was a major miscarriage of justice and fairness inflicted on the American electorate by the hopelessly flawed concept and existence of the Electoral College. What you just heard is not necessarily the most objective statement ever made, but it is uttered equally from both the head and heart. The election of 2016 was the most stomach-churning, mind-warping, soul-wrenching presidential election in the memory of millions of Americans. Ditto re. the objectivity of that statement.

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II. The Elections of 1960 and 2000 - The Electoral College and States’ Rights

The years 1932 to 1960 displayed unusual national political cohesion, even though there were significant differences between the Democrats and the Republicans. The Great Depression, World War II, and the Soviet menace united the American people. By the time the two parties settled on John Kennedy and Richard Nixon as their candidates for President in 1960, there was less inter-party political goodwill than there had been previously.

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I. The Election of 1860 - The Electoral College and States’ Rights

The American victory in the American Revolution was a surprise to nearly everyone, perhaps most of all to the Americans. The colonial army was outmanned, outgunned, often outsmarted, under-supplied, under-fed, and under-paid. Despite all, they won, and in 1783 a new nation, of sorts, was born. But was it truly one nation? Apparently the signers of the Declaration of Independence thought it should be. After all, the document itself declared before its resounding opening sentence that it was “The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America.”

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