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The Tyranny Of Technology

It has revolutionized life for nearly every inhabitant of Planet Earth. The only people who may be completely unaffected by it live in geographical places which are extremely remote from the rest of the world, such as people in the upper reaches of the Amazon River in Brazil or Peru, people in the thickest jungles of New Guinea, people on isolated islands in the Arctic or the South Pacific or in the hidden valleys of Africa. Otherwise, all the rest of us have been enormously affected by its ubiquitous movement into virtually every aspect of contemporary 21st century life.

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Confessions of a Techno-Luddite

In late 18th century England, a group of workers in the textile industry furtively and then boldly began to destroy the machines they thought would take away their jobs. They conspired to sabotage the mechanical devices they knew produced cloth more quickly and at a much cheaper cost, but they also assumed they eventually would lose their employment as a result of the amazing technological devices which revolutionized the textile business. In the end they were correct in their assumption.

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The Old Philosopher: The Life of the Mind

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste." And yet all of us waste our minds occasionally, if not frequently. When we allow anxiety or material things or irresolvable conflicts or any particular issue or grievance to take control of us, we misuse our minds. When anger seethes within us, when resentment becomes uppermost to us, when enjoyment or fun or happiness become the most important factors in our lives, we lay waste to our minds. The mind is the storehouse of the memory, and if our storehouse is filled with the wrong kinds of things, we will damage the protoplasmic vessel which alone can contain whatever we have thought or are thinking.

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The OLD Philosopher: Women and the Gender Gap - Will They Ever Catch Up?

Is the tension between one’s work and the rest of one’s life fundamentally different for men than for women? In some respects yes, but in others no. And in any case, everyone who was ever employed by anybody doing anything always has to try to find the golden mean between work and everything else in life. The nature of the trade-offs have changed immensely as the centuries have rolled on, but the essence of the challenge hasn’t changed at all. Is my work my life, or is my life my life? Both sexes and all individuals have to answer that for themselves, and no one can avoid it.

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The OLD Philosopher: Democracy - Churchill Was Right

One of Sir Winston’s most famous declarations was what he said about democracy. “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the other forms that have been tried from time to time.” That is the idea we shall be exploring in this lecture.

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