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The OLD Philosopher - The Most Dangerous Enemy of Israel

There is an enormous problem with a one-state solution. If it were constituted immediately inside any proposed set of borders, there would be almost as many Palestinians as there are Jews. Furthermore, because of a much higher birthrate among Palestinians, very soon there would be more Palestinians in this newly formed nation. So the question naturally arises, would such a state be a Jewish nation, or would it be a secular democracy in which Jews, Muslims, Christians, and secular citizens all have equal status? And if there were more Muslims than Jews, would Muslims control the government? And because Israel was established precisely because it was to be a Jewish state, how could it be Jewish with a minority of Jews living within its borders? In 2013, what does it mean that Israel exists as a Jewish state?

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The OLD Philosopher — The Continuing Controversy Over Climate Change

In the Lowcountry of South Carolina, live oaks typically lose replace their leaves in a two-week period in late February or early March - - - except that this year it began happening in early January. Pine trees deposit their patina of bilious green dust on our cars in March - - - except that this year they are doing it in mid-January. Azaleas are popping everywhere, but they unpredictable in the best of circumstances. Roses that should have gone dormant continue to lift their faces to the warm sun. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, British writer Caitlin Moran told what it was like in October in England. “At the bottom of my garden is a wrongness, a brightness – a patch of milky-green yellow that shouldn’t be there. The primroses are out; confused. They should be underground until March. Under the apple tree, the narcissi and daffodils are coming up – expecting April; finding October. The tree itself has pink blossoms next to red fruit; as joltingly wrong as a pregnant child, or a plane falling to earth. The earth is still fidgety and mild, when it should, by now, be silent, under frost. It still feels loud out there….We’ve jumped straight from summer to spring. All that greenness is…shouting.”

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The OLD Philosopher - The American Obsession with Sports

Why do some people feel sports, and others do not? Why do some people live sports, and others do not? Why do some people live and die by sports, and others do not? Without question, this lecture shall be of far greater interest to some of you than to others. That is because of psychology, and viscera, and extra-rationality, and mystery.

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The OLD Philosopher: How Great a Threat Is Islamic Terrorism?

Had there been no 9/11, I would not be delivering this lecture. Islamic, or more appropriately, Islamist terrorism, is not a serious problem in the United States of America. It is not a huge problem in Europe or Britain, though it a much bigger issue there than here. It is a bigger matter in countries such as Nigeria, Egypt, or Iraq, where there are fairly large communities of both Muslims and Christians. It obviously has been of grave concern in the state of Israel since its founding in 1948, but especially after the Six Day War in 1967. However, Islamist terrorism is far more lethal in countries in the Muslim world than anywhere else. Far, far, far more Muslims, hundreds of times more, have been killed or injured in Muslim countries than anywhere else.

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