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The Price of Political Timidity

Courage was a hallmark in almost none of the midterm elections for United States Senate or House of Representatives seats. Very few candidates proclaimed what they honestly thought or felt about the most important issues facing the American electorate in November of 2018. Office holders in both political parties were loath to admit their personal complicity or that of their particular party in the shameful dysfunction of Congress from January of 2016 to November of 2018. The people deserved to hear ideas about what steps could be followed to overcome this dysfunction, but seldom was heard such a discouraging word.

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The End of the War to End All Wars

It was widely called “The Great War” in Britain and the British Empire, both when it was being fought and long after it was over. It was anything but great. It was a colossal disaster whose effects are still with us. Millions of people latched onto a phrase that its termination made “the world safe for democracy.” But in retrospect the war and the calamitous treaty which officially declared it finished slowed the inexorable march toward world democracy for at least three generations. Democracy would have flourished far more widely had neither World Wars I nor II occurred.

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Thoughts on the Day of Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

Since the preliminary Senate vote in favor of confirming President Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and then the final vote which made it official, my internal disruptions proceeded from alimentary upset to extreme heaviness of heart. I have truly been very dispirited by this political/judicial process.

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Is Clerical Celibacy a Reasonable Ecclesiastical Policy? 

Celibacy became officially ratified for all Catholic clergy at the First Lateran Council in 1123. A powerful but unrealistic conviction was constructed beneath the insistence on clerical celibacy. It was the belief that priests could more effectively perform their clerical duties if they did not have the additional responsibilities required by marriage and family life. In theory that seems logical. In practice it demands a physiological status that is at once both supra-natural and unnatural.

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Memory As a Fickle Faculty

Anyway, without looking back into books, newspapers, or magazines of that period, it is impossible for me, and I suspect for anyone else, accurately to reconstruct a clear and valid summary of all the salient facts of one of our nation’s most emotional and damaging political controversies. Though I do not remember it, I am quite sure that early on, Joseph McCarthy caused Republicans to circle their wagons in their best defensive mode. By the end, however, only absolute diehards still sided with McCarthy. Though this has long since faded from memory, I suspect even Dad had given up on him.

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