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Justice Stalled Is Justice Thwarted

“The wheels of justice grind slowly.” That aphorism has long been used to describe the American legal system. It implies that justice may take time, but it will eventually be administered in a far and equitable manner. That notion is currently being severely tested by the Trump administration. Congress has subpoenaed many witnesses to appear before various House or Senate committees, but the President and the Justice Department have tried to suppress those appearances. In so doing, numerous allegations of impropriety have not yet been heard in a legal setting.

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A Geezer Pastor and The Virtual Church

Today (May 7, 2019), USA Today had a long story in its “Money” Section. That, incidentally, is an interesting placement, but that’s another story. The article is entitled Keeping the faith from the comfort of home. It explained how the ever-growing field of “virtual reality” and technological apps are influencing contemporary Christianity. In a growing number of churches, apparently, people are transported to much more captivating vistas than a mere big-box or small-box sanctuary. They strap VR headsets to their crania, which from the photo in USAT make them look like space visitors from the distant planet of Technostan. By means of their headsets, they can be in Jerusalem or Rome or the Himalayas, and their very own parson, standing in front of them, is speaking to them from those far-away exotic places.

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The Melancholy Loss of a Fantasy Avocation  

By now I have written a hundred or so column-length essays, and I have sent several of them to various publications in hopes they would be published. None of those efforts has come to fruition. Finally, I have reluctantly resolved to give up trying.

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James K. Polk, The Manifest Absurdity of Manifest Destiny, And Some Traits Exemplified by Great Nations

James K. Polk was one of the most consequential American presidents in our long and checkered history. Of our first sixteen presidents, through Abraham Lincoln, six can be classified to varying degrees as expansionists of the presidential office, and two of them as expansionists of the nation. The six are Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Polk, and Lincoln. Jefferson also oversaw the greatest acquisition of land in our nation’s history, and Polk the second-largest acquisition.

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The Mueller Report, American Polarization, and the Future

The long awaited Mueller Report, redacted, has been made public. Those who thought it would clearly indicate obstruction of justice by the President and some of the White House staff are convinced it did that. Those who thought it would do no such thing are convinced it did no such thing.

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