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The Altruistic Death: Choosing to Die as an Act of Love

Dying isn’t what it used to be. Up until the mid-twentieth century, most people died fairly quickly, despite the best efforts of doctors to keep them alive. Now death has been scientifically held in abeyance by an ever more resourceful medical bag of tricks. Often it mercilessly continues mere existence when active life has long since vanished. In terms of dollars spent and increasing human suffering, death has been rendered inhumanely slow and terrible for countless people.

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Ruminations of an Old New Paper Boy

In the nearly seventy years that have passed since I was a paper boy, the newspaper business has changed dramatically. In medium-sized cities, like Madison, there used to be at least two competing newspapers, a morning one and an afternoon one. In large cities there were three or more competing papers. Now, in nearly every community large enough to sustain a daily newspaper, there is only one paper, which is half the size it used to be. It also has well less than half the number of subscribers it used to have. Perhaps there might be another small struggling competitor on life support.

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The Difference Between Enjoying and Knowing Music: A Personal Perspective

Most people enjoy certain composers or performers or singers more than others. But most of us would be hard pressed to explain why. Are there particular musical or artistic reasons behind our preferences, or do we just prefer them?

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Social Media As Social Menace

It all started out so well, and so innocently. It was a means for people to use the internet to communicate with one another easily and quickly. They could say whatever they wanted to say to one another, and at no cost. They were already connected to the internet anyway.

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RESIGNATION: The Best and Only Solution to an Increasingly Dangerous American Dilemma

The slowly growing number of anti-Trump Americans are deluding themselves into thinking that the Mueller investigation or other factors may lead to a Congressional impeachment trial in the near future. I opined then, and I opine again, that is a very dangerous position to adopt. It probably is best for the nation that Donald Trump finishes out his four-year term as President, and that the American electorate chose someone else to lead the nation beginning in 2021. However, if the American people and their elected representatives in Congress believe it is imperative to remove the President prior to January of 2021, then so much pressure must be brought to bear on Donald Trump that he himself will come to see that he has no other choice than resignation. For the time being, it is more important for all other Americans to realize the extreme delicacy of our political impasse than for our President to realize it. For the time being, he is incapable of understanding how chaotic America has become. And he is the primary culprit of the chaos.

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