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Call to Worship – July 30, 2017

Most of the time in life we know what to do, and we do it. But sometimes we are uneasily uncertain, and we are genuinely perplexed about what we should do. When Paul wrote a letter to his friend Philemon, that was the situation in which he found himself. God is with us in all the situations of our lives, inspiring, commanding, nudging, and wooing us. In order to do what God wants, we need to listen for His quiet but persistent voice. Therefore let us now, with confidence, worship God.

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Call to Worship – July 23, 2017

In life we are occasionally, or perhaps frequently, faced with situations where we do not know what is the right thing to do. We might know what we want to do, but is it right? Today we shall continue to examine a situation like that which is explained in Paul’s letter to his friend Philemon. In our uncertainties, we can be certain of God’s presence with us as we seek to make correct decisions. We determine the decision, but God assists us in it by His presence with us. Therefore let us, with confidence, worship God.

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Call to Worship – June 18, 2017

Worship is communication. We speak to God, God speaks to us, and we speak to one another. Worship is the communication of faith. God hears us and answers us, not always as we might like, but always as we have need. Today we remember people whose spirits have been diminished by the feeling that they are part of a diminishing number of faithful members of the body of Christ. We seek the power of God to inspire and uphold them in their feelings of concern or anguish. Therefore let us worship the God who alone is God.

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The Profanation of Prophecy

Every now and then I feel a need to preach a sermon about the topic of prophecy. And every time I do that I feel it is necessary to state all over again what prophecy is, and what it is not. The words “prophet” and “prophecy” are two of the most commonly misinterpreted words in the English language. First, here is what prophecy is not, at least as it is properly understood biblically. Prophecy is NOT a matter of predicting the future. That cannot possibly be overstated. Prophecy is NOT a matter of predicting the future.

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Call to Worship – May 28, 2017

What does God want for us now, in our earthly life? What does God want for us in eternal life? Shall we have eternal life? If so, what will it be like? These are the questions which surround today’s worship, some of which will be directly addressed, while most will go unanswered. We gather in praise of the God who created us, who daily sustains us, and who cares for us much more than we are able to care for ourselves. Therefore let us, with confidence, worship God.

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