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Call to Worship – November 10, 2013

For no one is life a continuous collection of only happy and pleasant experiences. For everyone darkness and difficulties descend upon us, and then what happens? Where do we turn? Out of the depths we are likely to look to God for assistance and support. He hears and responds to everyone, not as we ask, perhaps, but He always does respond. Therefore on this and all Sundays, let us, with confidence, worship the God to whom we can always turn in times of uncertainty and distress.

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Call to Worship – November 3, 2013

Today in our service we are going to be thinking about Jerusalem: the historical city, the contemporary city, the reality, the concept, the idea, the ideal, the idyll. Jerusalem is built as a city which is bound firmly together. There thrones of judgment were set, the thrones of the house of David. We give thanks to God for all Jerusalem has meant in the past, what it means in the present, what it can portend for the future, and what the City of God means for all of eternity. Therefore let us, with confidence, worship the God of the Holy City.

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Call to Worship – Oct. 27, 2013

Today, as on all Sundays, we gather in praise of a God who is omniscient, omnipresent, and omniconscious; He is always aware of all of us, all of the time. He never slumbers nor sleeps. We cannot adequately imagine such a being, and yet we are moved to bow before Him in awe and reverence. Worship is a gift, a privilege, and also the ingestion of spiritual vitamins. Therefore let us, with deep gratitude to Him who watches over Israel, worship God.

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Call to Worship – October 20, 2013

What is God’s truest nature? Is He fundamentally wrathful, or is He loving? Is He kind, or is he perpetually stern? There is no uniformity in the answers in scripture to those questions, but there is an overriding proclamation which is repeated again and again by different people in different ways. God is a God of love, it is declared throughout the entire Bible. Let us therefore, with confidence, worship the always-loving Creator of the universe.

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Call to Worship – October 6, 2013

Every moment of every day, we live solely by the grace and mercy of Almighty God. It is He who gives us life, sustains life, and gives life its meaning. In gratitude to God for His endless blessings, we gather to sing His praise, ask for His forgiveness, and pray for His assistance for people in need all around us and all over the world. It is right and proper for us to worship and bless the God who made and protects us. Therefore let us, with confidence, worship God.

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