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Call to Worship – July 29, 2018

In worship we see the glory and majesty of God --- in music, in scripture, and in spoken words. But we also perceive the power of God in a distinctly minor key: in brief silence, in minuscule snatches of fleeting words, in a still small voice which we recognize, often only in retrospect, as the voice of God Himself. God comes to us both in power and in weakness, and only the eyes of faith can recognize Him in both guises. Therefore let us, with all the faith and confidence we can muster, worship God!

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Call to Worship – June 17, 2018

A prophet from long ago and far away asks us who we are and whose we are. Do we know where we have been and where we are going? Americans are a people who live in both unity and diversity, seeking to live the ideals set forth by our founding fathers. Today we compare our times to those of the prophet Hosea, who lived in Israel in what outwardly seemed a period of prosperity and strength. Let us worship the God of Israel and the God of America, seeking His guidance and direction for our own times.

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Call to Worship – April 29, 2012

Every week all over the world, people gather in churches and synagogues, in mosques and temples, and they worship God, or what some consider “the gods.” They are consciously engaged in various forms of religion, many of which have existed for thousands of years. Each Sunday we too come together in a religious setting to participate in religious rituals. Does God need religion effectively to be our God? That is the question we are raising today. Therefore let us, with confidence, worship God.

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The Hymn to Biblical Humanism

The Book of Psalms is the Bible’s hymnal. Originally all of the Psalms were sung. They still are sung every day in every monastery and convent around the world. I chose Psalm 8 for today’s sermon theme specifically because it is a paean of praise to the human race. Presumably it was David who wrote it, or at least that’s what the superscription at the beginning says. In any case, this is the quintessential hymn to biblical humanism.

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Call to Worship – April 1, 2010

On a spring morning in Jerusalem almost 2000 years ago, the world changed in an instant, at least as far as a small group of followers of a man who had been crucified were concerned. From their conviction that Jesus had been raised from the dead the Church of Jesus Christ sprang into being. Today we gather as part of that long tradition of those who have been drawn into the presence of Almighty God by the Man from Nazareth. Therefore let us, with post-Easter confidence, worship God.

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