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Cypress Hall at The Cypress                                                                                                       
20 Lady Slipper Lane
Hilton Head Plantation
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

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Sunday Services at 9:30 AM
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Call to Worship – Feb. 12, 2012

The tradition declares that a man stood on a mountaintop, and God reached down and inscribed ten commandments into two stone tablets. The law of Moses, the Torah, has influenced believers for the past three thousand years. Do we find God’s law to be a blessing, or a burden? In worship we seek better to understand what God wants of us, and how we can respond to His law working in our lives. Therefore let us, with renewed confidence, worship God.

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Call to Worship – January 6, 2018

Fifteen years ago, on January 4, 2004, The Chapel Without Walls held its first service of worship in the Hilton Head Middle School. Now, fifteen years and four locations later, we are gathered in The Cypress to celebrate our fifteenth anniversary. We thank God for His guidance of our congregation during the past decade and a half, and we praise Him for His grace and love for everyone who has ever participated in the life of our church. Therefore, let us with new confidence in a new year, worship God.

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Call to Worship – December 30, 2018

The coming of a new year can bring both joy and sorrow: joy, because we look forward with anticipation to good things, and sorrow, because we might look back with heavy hearts over painful events which have transpired in the year gone by. But the turn of the calendar reminds us also of the grace of God, which guides us through all our months and years. With gratitude in our hearts, let us therefore, with confidence, worship the God who has brought us to yet another new year.

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Call to Worship – November 4, 2018

Our nation stands close to the eve of the legally-determined day for one of the most thoroughly studied and important elections in our history. Every registered voter has the invaluable opportunity and obligation to help direct the next two or four or six years, but only half of us will vote. The half who shall vote will do so with greatly varying degrees of enthusiasm for the various candidates whom they select. Let us worship the God who eagerly goes with us in this bi-annual victorious and vexing process.

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Call to Worship – October 28, 2018

Every day our faith is tested, though rarely do we perceive we are being tested. Each Sunday we gather in worship, and by do doing we implicitly implore God to renew and expand our faith. Worship is one of the primary means God uses to strength us in our commitment to Him and to His purposes. Therefore let us, with confidence, worship God.

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