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Is Religion in Retreat?

Toward the end of the second decade of the twenty-first century, it is an open question as to whether religion is losing or gaining influence in America. One fact is undeniable: Most mainline Protestant denominations have been slowly but steadily losing members for the past half century. For the past several years, even the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant denomination, has been slightly shrinking each year. Though the nation’s population has doubled since 1950, there are fewer people on the membership rolls of many denominations now than there were back then.

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Hell??? Heavens No!!!

Whatever else the notion of hell may be, it is ultimately based on the concept of everlasting punishment. It is that fatally flawed idea which cannot truly be affirmed by anyone seeking a reasonable and reasoned belief-system. There are no sins or crimes that could possibly justify hellfire forever. Juries convict people of terrible crimes, and judges consign those convicted criminals to judicial sentences of varying lengths, including life in prison without the opportunity of parole. But surely no fair-minded judge, if they had it within their power, would ever consign anyone to everlasting torture in everlasting flames, no matter how terrible the crime may have been. Such a punishment does not fit any crime.

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A Hymn To Humanity

The purpose of this sermon is to suggest that as imperfect as we may be, humanity nonetheless is a marvelous species by countless measures. To ignore our terrible shortcomings is fruitless and willful. But nothing is to be gained by continuously disparaging humanity, either.

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Mrs. Xie, The Shoe-Mender Mother

In America, Mothers Day is usually a sentimental event, and with good reason. Most of us feel a great deal of emotion and sentiment for our mothers. The mothers in China Witness are very strong women. But, like the best mothers everywhere, they are dedicated to their children, and to paving the way in life for them as best they can against severe obstacles. No one exhibited that more than Mrs. Xie, the Shoe-Mender Mother. She had nothing, but she gave her children everything she could.

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The Cross: The Demonstration of God's Love

The cross does not save us. God saves us. God alone can and does save us. The cross was historically, but absolutely not theologically, inevitable. That is the essential message of this sermon. The ironic circuitous result of the cross is that it demonstrates God’s love for us, although not in an immediately apparent manner.

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