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Overcoming the World

Jesus and many of his followers believed that the apocalypse was just around the corner. God was going to end the world, and all the righteous would go to heaven to be with God, and all the unrighteous would be destroyed on the earth. That didn’t happen. Nonetheless there was much tribulation ahead for those who were the first followers of Jesus. Within forty years of Jesus’ death, the Romans, not God, destroyed the kingdom of Judea and scattered most of the Jews to the four winds. At the same time some of the Roman emperors began to persecute the Christians in Judea, Asia Minor, Greece, and Rome. When the fourth Gospel was written, tribulation was widely experienced everywhere in the world where there were Christians and Jews. Jesus could not have spoken about that at the Last Supper, because the disciples could not understand what Jesus would have been saying. But tribulation came nonetheless, and the writer, who believed that Jesus was God, believed that God, by means of Jesus, would overcome the tribulation.

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Does God Play Favorites?

Throughout the Bible, there are numerous instances where God is reported to have chosen certain individuals or certain peoples for His own purposes. Almost always in those instances, God doesn’t give His reasons for doing what He does. He just does it. For example, God seemed to favor Abel over Cain, because God was more pleased with Abel’s offering than Cain’s. Cain was a shepherd, and he brought a sheep to God as a burnt offering. Abel was a farmer, and he brought some grain to God as a burnt offering. So does God prefer farmers to shepherds? In other words, does God like agriculture better than “agniculture”: the growth of grain more than the growth of sheep? Genesis 4 offers no explanation for God’s choice; it just states it.

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The Most Beloved Psalm of Christians

“He restoreth my soul. He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.” If God restores our soul, it means that it needed to be restored. “I once was lost, but now am found/ Was blind, but now I see.” We delude ourselves into supposing that we are doing just fine in life, thank you very much. But at times we are not doing fine, not fine at all. At times we become lost, and we need to be restored to the flock by our Shepherd. To imagine we are making it on our own is to fall into one of the most lethal of life’s traps. Great pride goeth before great pratfalls.

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The Influence of an Invitation

There about sixty different people who come to The Chapel at least once every two months. Here is what I am suggesting that each of you can do to keep us a vital, if also inevitably an older, congregation. Invite three people of your acquaintance to join you for one Sunday here. When you invite them, explain to them why you attend The Chapel. Then, either bring them with you, or meet them here. Don’t bring all three at once, unless they are all related to one another. Invite each one separately in order to make it a special occasion for them, and for you. If they come back the next Sunday, we shall shout hallelujah and rejoice, although only figuratively, of course. People such as we do not visibly and vocally shout hallelujah or rejoice, for heaven’s sake. But you’re only asked to get them here once, not twice or more. And remember: Of people who attend a new church for the first time, the highest percentage come because someone invited them – not because of the building or the programs or the preacher or other such things, though those are factors, but because someone invited them to attend.

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Hosea 3 - God Never Gives Up on People

The prophet’s heart is broken by the sins of his people. His mind is thrown into deep depression by their willful violation of the laws of God. He feels duty-bound to tell his friends and neighbors about their misdeeds, and he knows it will make him a community persona non grata. However, because he is undeviatingly committed to speaking on behalf of God, he goes on saying what he believes he must say, knowing that it will be met by increasing resistance. Nevertheless Hosea was sure it must be said.

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