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Call to Worship – April 6, 2014

The time grows shorter for Jesus to live. Events and trends and people seem to conspire against him, and soon he will be entirely alone, nailed to a cross. What does it mean? Who is responsible? What, if anything, can we do in response to his crucifixion? The Lenten drama continues, and we contemplate yet another of the principal characters in the passion of the one we call the Messiah. In the midst of it all, with us God watches and waits and wonders. Therefore let us turn to worship the God who leads us to Golgatha.

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Call to Worship – March 2, 2014

Some people are greatly blessed by when and where they were born, and others find their lives inevitably much harder because of when and where they were born. Today we are thinking about what it means to have been born as Americans in the twentieth century, when our nation became the most powerful state in the history of humanity. God is with everyone born anywhere at any time, but How can we best be with him in our place and time? With that goal in mind, we gather to worship the God of all peoples and nations.

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Call to Worship – February 23, 2014

Christianity has evolved through twenty centuries and through the leading of millions of many different kinds of Christians. Today we continue to examine the thinking of the apostle Paul, who, more perhaps than anyone else, laid the foundation for what Christianity was to become. He wrote about the freedom which Jesus Christ made possible for us, and we extol God for that freedom. Therefore let us, with confidence, worship the God who ultimately sets all of His children free.

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Call to Worship – February 16, 2014

In Psalm 24 David wrote, “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof.” On a beautiful sunny day, when it appears as though spring may actually spring once again, we are reminded of how good the earth is, and how everything in it, including us, belongs to God. We join together in praise of a God who gives us life in abundance, and who makes it possible for everyone to share in that abundance, if we will but agree politically and economically on how to make that happen. Therefore let us, with confidence, worship the God of wondrous plenty.

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Call to Worship – February 9, 2014

On this day which falls five days before the day on which traditionally a particular kind of love is celebrated and exalted, we gather in praise of a God who loves all of us with a love which never fails, and who engenders many kinds of love in us for one another. We gather in the hope that love will truly make the world go round, and that we may be made partners in that great and noble endeavor. Now let us, with loving confidence, worship God.

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