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Hilton Head Plantation
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Sunday Services at 9:30 AM
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Call to Worship – October 14, 2018

Once again we personally have been spared the fury of a climate which seems to have gone mad, while thousands of others lost their homes, and still others their lives. In the midst of the enormous questions which confront us, we gather in praise of the God of creation. He may not answer all those questions, but He consoles and comforts us and those who currently are far more profoundly affected by life’s questions that we are. Therefore let us worship the God who seeks us, even as we seek Him.

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Call to Worship – Sept. 30, 2018

In a world filled with anger, allegations, and anxieties, we turn to God, asking to be led to peace in the midst of polarization, hope in the influx of despair, and trust when the way ahead may seem tenuous or tumultuous to us. Worship is God’s gift to us, bringing us renewal, revitalization, recommitment, and the recharging of depleted spirits. In worship we bless God, and God in turn blesses us. Therefore let us, with the confidence which Christian faith creates in us, worship God.

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Call toWorship - September 2, 2018

On this national holiday weekend, we gather in thanks to God for our nation, and for all that it accomplished in the past, for its best traditions that it seeks to maintain in the present, and for the benefits it can bring to its citizens and to the world in the future. In worshiping God, we thank Him for His guidance of our nation, and petition Him to continue to be with us as we go forward. Therefore, let us as committed Christians and citizens of this great nation, worship God.

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Call to Worship – August 5, 2018

Sometimes when we worship, we do so with less than pure motives or righteous thoughts. We look around, and we say, Why is he here, and who let her in? I know him, I am familiar with her, and I know things about them which should keep them from ever darkening these sacred doors. But the same is true about us with respect to them; they know us, and they wonder about us. But all of us are children of God, created in His own image, and God welcomes all of us. Therefore let us, with chastened confidence, worship God.

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Call to Worship – July 29, 2018

In worship we see the glory and majesty of God --- in music, in scripture, and in spoken words. But we also perceive the power of God in a distinctly minor key: in brief silence, in minuscule snatches of fleeting words, in a still small voice which we recognize, often only in retrospect, as the voice of God Himself. God comes to us both in power and in weakness, and only the eyes of faith can recognize Him in both guises. Therefore let us, with all the faith and confidence we can muster, worship God!

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