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Sunday Services at 9:30 AM
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Call to Worship - January 21, 2018

The world is filled with uncertainties and anxieties, as we have observed in matters political and meteorological this past week. In the midst of it, we wonder where we are headed. Wherever it is, we trust that God goes with us on the journey. Therefore we gather to worship Him, to give Him thanks, and to praise Him for His care of us even when our care for one another seems limited or frazzled. Let us join together to praise God, who always is beside us, and never abandons us.

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Call to Worship- December 31, 2017

Endings and beginnings: An old year ends, and a new year begins. In the unfolding pages of our lives, God goes with us on our individual and collective journeys. We thank Him for His presence with us and His guidance for our passage. We experience His saving grace every day, and we are redeemed anew to start over when we have faltered or have fallen. We gather as people who know ourselves to be sons and daughters of God, called by His grace into His family. Let us, with confidence for the new year, worship God.

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Call to Worship โ€“ December 24, 2017

We gather in worship on the day before the day which brings the greatest joy and satisfaction to young children, the greatest stress to young parents, and the greatest nostalgia to old people. Christmas is upon us, and Advent is ending. We bow before the God who sent a helpless baby into a world which had prepared no room for him. We thank God for His gift, and praise Him for bringing us to Himself by means of that gift. Therefore, let us with Christmas confidence, worship God!

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Call to Worship โ€“ December 17, 2017

Who was Jesus? How do we see him? How did he see himself? There are only two biographical references to Jesus from his own time apart from the four Gospels. The Gospels were written decades after Jesus lived and died. Today we shall focus on how Jesus perceived himself from two different and even conflicting episodes from the Gospel of Mark. As we do so, let us examine how we ourselves conceptualize the man whose title we bear, simply because we are here together. Let us, with expectancy, worship God.

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Call to Worship โ€“ December 3, 2017

Today marks the first day in a new year in the church calendar. The four Sundays before Christmas encapsulate the season of Advent. During Advent Christians once again prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ into the world. Today we shall celebrate the sacrament of holy communion. As we begin the ecclesiastical new year, let us prepare our hearts and minds to receive him who comes into the world as the light of the world. Let us worship the God who sent Jesus Christ to transform the world and everyone in it.

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