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Call to Worship – August 18, 2019

The God who created all of us bids all of us to have faith in Him.  He has come to us by means of many people in the past, but we believe He appealed to us most effectively through Jesus of Nazareth, the preacher and prophet of Galilee.  Life is not easy for anyone, but with faith in God, life becomes far more fulfilling and enriching.  Therefore let us worship the God whose continuous presence with us moves us to worship Him.


Pastoral Prayer


            We pray to Thee, O God, because it is Thou who hast moved us to pray.  We acknowledge Thy goodness and Thy love, because our faith has led us to trust that Thou art good and loving.  When we trust in Thy loving kindness, we find that our lives go more smoothly, and that even in the midst of adversity and uncertainty, we can discover sufficient strength for whatever befalls us.  But when we separate ourselves from Thee, and attempt to go it alone in life, life becomes more difficult and vexing and unmanageable.  Help us to trust in the inclinations of our faith, and to allow Thee to lead us rather than always to try to lead ourselves.


            We thank Thee for making us part of the worldwide human family, whereby we are connected to everyone who lives anywhere.  Especially do we thank Thee for all the individuals who have been part of our lives at any stage along the way: parents, sisters and brothers, other family members, friends, fellow students, associates in our work, and those who have become close friends in this unique and beautiful community.  As we have been blessed by the impact of others on our lives, may we become a blessing to others by our impact on their lives.  Yoke us together in the universal human community, and help us to live more peacefully and productively with one another because we seek to reflect Thy will for all of us.


            We pray for everyone who is fighting a hard battle: against illness, depression, fractured relationships, unemployment, isolation, deep feelings of inadequacy, or a constant awareness of being at loose ends in the world.  Grant peace to those who are very unsettled in spirit, hope to those who have given up on life, and assurance to those who have been floundering for what seems to them like an eternity.  Be Thou our guide, O God of purpose and direction.  These things we ask in the name of Jesus, praying now as he taught his first followers, saying, Our Father….  

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