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On Having Recently Been Krauthammered

Through the years I have read essays by Charles Krauthammer in newspapers and magazines. I would have to admit that on most of those occasions, Mr. Krauthammer was anything but my political and philosophical cup of tea. I assumed that dyspeptic editors chose some of his more outrageously conservative pieces to vex readers such as myself, and almost always they succeeded in their intentions.

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Three Cheers for Religion!

Religion gets some well deserved brickbats in the press. Various religious animosities lead to bloodshed throughout the world. Pedophile priests are not sufficiently or justly reprimanded. Clergy badly misbehave in other ways. It all creates bad press. Nevertheless, every now and then religion received journalistic kudos.

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GOP & DJT: Beware the Ides of March!

On or about the Ides of March, 2019, Robert Mueller may at last complete his lengthy investigation of President Donald J. Trump. It may or may not have a major effect on the growing uproar about the President and his tactics while in office. Only when the report is made public, if it is made public, shall we understand its effects.

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The Trump Code

At last we know precisely why so many people in only twenty-five months of the Trump presidency have come and gone in the President’s administration. It is because none of them was there long enough to learn what Michael Cohen calls “the code.”

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The NFL as a Perpetual Pro-Bowl

I gave up the Pro Bowl because it did not look like football. Having now watched it again, it seemed like a captivating and much less lethal sport. No one would get chronic brain-scrambling disorder if football rules were like Pro Bowl rules. There would be almost no knee ligaments transformed into small frayed strands of crushed cartilage. No Joe Theissmanns would ever have a compound femur fracture before an aghast audience of millions on Monday Night Football (who will ever forget it?).

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