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Memory As a Fickle Faculty

Anyway, without looking back into books, newspapers, or magazines of that period, it is impossible for me, and I suspect for anyone else, accurately to reconstruct a clear and valid summary of all the salient facts of one of our nation’s most emotional and damaging political controversies. Though I do not remember it, I am quite sure that early on, Joseph McCarthy caused Republicans to circle their wagons in their best defensive mode. By the end, however, only absolute diehards still sided with McCarthy. Though this has long since faded from memory, I suspect even Dad had given up on him.

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An Analysis of Donald Trump

Why are not all historically conservative-Republican publications following the lead of the WSJ? Apparently it is because they are still attempting to appeal to the Trump base. They are still convinced the very untraditional newly-formed legions of anti-politics Trump fans, plus traditional Republicans who will back any Republican President, no matter how unorthodox, represent the wave of the future. It is Trump’s very unorthodoxy which the Journal has opposed from 2016, before, and since. The Dow Jones mouthpiece knows he is severely damaging traditional Republican values and positions, and that his erratic behavior and decisions are a clear and present danger to the GOP.

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Ethnicity, Demography, and Immigration

Most of earth’s human inhabitants are somewhere between being either profoundly conservative or profoundly liberal in their thinking about ethnicity, demography, and immigration. Some are vitally interested in their own personal ethnic backgrounds, and others are not. Some are threatened by demographical changes, and others are not. Some resist the very idea of immigrants, and others do not.

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The American Idolatry of the Founding Fathers

Two articles on the second page of the July Fourth edition of The Island Packet and the re-printing of the Declaration of Independence on the editorial page prompted this essay to be written on Independence Day in 2018. The first was a story about what the President legally and constitutionally can and cannot do with respect to the Mueller investigation regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election. The second was how difficult it has become for Prof. Alan Dershowitz to live among his liberal neighbors on Martha’s Vineyard for the summer. He has insisted that constitutionally the President can pardon anyone he wants, including the President himself, should things get too dicey for him in the Russia investigation.

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The Psychology of Salespeople: An Analysis of Donald J. Trump

Personality disorders are encountered in people all around us, but they are very difficult to pin down with precision. Most professional psychologists say that a personality disorder is not necessarily a sign of insanity. The President’s sanity as such is not at issue here. Instead, the concern is the nature of his highly singular personality.

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