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The NFL as a Perpetual Pro-Bowl

I gave up the Pro Bowl because it did not look like football. Having now watched it again, it seemed like a captivating and much less lethal sport. No one would get chronic brain-scrambling disorder if football rules were like Pro Bowl rules. There would be almost no knee ligaments transformed into small frayed strands of crushed cartilage. No Joe Theissmanns would ever have a compound femur fracture before an aghast audience of millions on Monday Night Football (who will ever forget it?).

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GrandCHILDREN of God

It is surprising there are only ten references to “children of God” in the New Testament. The Church has used that phrase with increasing frequency through the centuries, I suspect. Most of us imagine all Christians, along with all Jews, and perhaps all others as well, are children of God.

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The Greatest Threat to Democracies

At the turn of this century, there were over seventy democracies scattered throughout the globe, representing a quarter of the world’s people. Now, almost half those nations have either reverted to autocratic government or seem to be quickly headed in that direction. Why? Why would anyone choose autocracy, especially when they have tasted the freedoms of democracy?

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Taxing Our Way to Atmospheric Improvement  

Every time the price of gasoline goes down, the sales of SUVs and trucks go up. Therefore, in the last few months, crossover trucks (those with four doors and space for six passengers, plus a large flat bed behind) and big SUVs have been selling at a land-office clip. In fact, some of the auto manufacturers have announced they will cease producing certain models of small cars in 2019.

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The Population Implosion

Fifty years ago the famous Stanford demographer and futurist Paul Ehrlich published an influential book about rapid population expansion. He called it The Population Bomb. In it he postulated that world population was about to get out of control, and that widespread starvation awaited certain parts of the planet. Other parts would be faced with great political upheavals as result of too many countries having too many residents to be able to govern adequately.

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