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The OLD Philosopher: Roman Catholicism and Pope Francis I: Quo Vadis?

On the basis of less than six months, almost no interested and informed observers of Francis I would consider him to be very similar to Benedict XVI, John Paul II, or Paul VI. If anything, we may be observing another John XXIII in the making.

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The OLD Philosopher - Drones: The Newest Worst Weapon of Our Time

Long ago, which is to say 50+ years ago or so, a drone was a male bee which hung around the hive for a while and didn’t do much. Then he had the decency to die off, along with all the other drones, in a kind of mass suicide pact. Apparently it is an apiary necessity. Later, drones became pilot-less planes operated by radio signals which the Air Force or Navy shot down with piloted planes or guides missiles to practice their technological marksmanship...

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The OLD Philosopher: The Pros and Cons of the Most Influential Invention of the 20th Century

When I was a student in college, I had a part-time job feeding IBM cards into a computer at the University of Wisconsin. The cards were about 3 inches wide and 6 inches long, and they had a bunch of mysterious perforations in them. I had no idea what the holes meant, or what the computer would do with them, but I dutifully fed them into the enormous piece of equipment, which filled a very large room...

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The OLD Philosopher: A Bleeding-Heart-Liberal Hunter for Strict Gun Control

If we, the people, continue to affirm and to accept the world’s most dangerous and egregious gun culture, we deserve all the carnage which such a society inevitably produces. But if we concluded that for the health and well being of our country, we must seriously start to cut back on the number of guns we possess, we would also begin to have far fewer gun-related homicides and suicides.

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The OLD Philosopher - The Most Dangerous Enemy of Israel

There is an enormous problem with a one-state solution. If it were constituted immediately inside any proposed set of borders, there would be almost as many Palestinians as there are Jews. Furthermore, because of a much higher birthrate among Palestinians, very soon there would be more Palestinians in this newly formed nation. So the question naturally arises, would such a state be a Jewish nation, or would it be a secular democracy in which Jews, Muslims, Christians, and secular citizens all have equal status? And if there were more Muslims than Jews, would Muslims control the government? And because Israel was established precisely because it was to be a Jewish state, how could it be Jewish with a minority of Jews living within its borders? In 2013, what does it mean that Israel exists as a Jewish state?

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